I will be back and posting on the 6th of July message me any gif or edit requests!

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Please do not take my gifs and repost them as your own. It is so unfair to me and to everyone else on the tag, because my hard work gets stolen and they might reblog something they’ve already reblogged and that is no fun. I have permitted use of my gifs for gif hunts and RPing and anything you’d like, except posting them as your own. That’s just really unfair to anyone, so please let’s just keep the dove cameron tag a place where we don’t steal and repost other people’s hard work because there is so much great content on this tag by so many users. 

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Sabrina Carpenter

Girl Meets World

I might be changing my username

I just want something a little more user friendly for y’all. Bauie is my nickname some of the time but I mostly go by Carol (a little peculiar for a teenage girl, I know) but my new url would just be carolhelps. I’ll be thinking about it for the next week, because there are some minor qualms with changing my username after all this time.

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— Anonymous: Your G Hannelius gifs are fantastic! Are you going to be making any more soon?

Yeah, summer’s starting so I’ll be picking it up again. I was hesitant for so long because people kept reposting my G gifs as their own, along with my Dove gifs. But I haven’t seen a lot of reposting, so I think I’ll post new gifs every couple days! Thank you so much <3

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Dog with a Blog

Love, Loss, and a Beanbag Toss

So long Wavery, you will be missed. But congrats to Peyton Meyer for making it onto Girl meets World.

Kira Kosarin

Celeb Day

— Anonymous: Can you make more Kira Kosarin gifs? :)

Sure thing I’ll try to post some up today!

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Amber Montana